1. okeke chinenye. A says:

    Good afternoon, I ve be matched since last 2 weeks for people to pay me, is only two persons that has paid me, and the rest refuse to pay me. What will I do?

  2. EzE natjaniel says:

    Good morning pls I can’t access my username and password maybe forgotten. Pls wot will I do to get back my password and username. Thanks

  3. EzE nathaniel says:

    Good morning sir/ma pls I forgot my username and password wot will do to access my page. Thanks

  4. kerim mohammed says:

    I have been merge and I have paid the person since 0n 21 but up till now there have not put anybody under me that will pay me why

  5. I paid to a cycler whom I was matched with since 19 December 2016 and I have not been matched with 4 cyclers to pay me. Am worried

  6. Mohammed mus says:

    Good evening sir/ma i have been marge to pay someone since on 22/23 which i have paid since then but i have not been paid up till now and now i have los my user name and password which i dnt have access to entre my account user again. Pls help me

  7. Abighe oke says:

    I was matched to pay a cycler since on 23 of december 2016 and i did but all till now I have not being given any person to pay me.please what is going wrong,i need to know.The admin should attend to me pls.

  8. Abighe oke says:

    Sir/ma I have being waiting patiently for me to be merge with four person to pay me since 23 of december 2016.Until now I dont know what is going on.what should i do to be merge.Pls admin try and merge me

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