1. I like greenspeer

  2. Akpomeria igho says:

    I am finding it difficult to register, aplease help me

  3. yoro Pius says:

    Server issue, the administrators should work on the site so that we can login pls

  4. joel timi says:

    am finding it difficult to login how do i do

  5. Ifaka Gabrielle says:

    Stressful to login

  6. I can’t even open the form why?

  7. Atanganam says:

    hmm is too bad ever since i made my donation am unable to login,pls what is going on?

  8. amoo olayinka says:

    I cannot create account, pls connect me to the login ,thanks

  9. doubra collinz ezetu says:

    I have registered for 2days now they have not even given me the two pesins they said they will pair to pay me the pesin they paired to me only one guy is not a serious pesin it’s been two days now still not received even my 5K I used in registering it’s not fair plz u guys shd do sumfinn abt it

  10. chimejones says:

    Am finding it difficult to login to my account pls who knw the way show me

  11. Kponi Kenneth says:

    am kenneth it is working

  12. I have paid chukwuma onyinye jacinta whose phone is 07061002750 the sum of 5000 but she complain of no network. help me out my phone number is 07067261402

  13. Kponi Kenneth says:

    Thanks so much greenspeer is really working, Please the Second Person whose name is Pascal Valentine Phone Number 08161381773 said He has paid somebody please match me to another person. Thanks my Phone number is 08063238732 am Kenneth

  14. okonkwo joy says:

    Finding difficult to register

  15. I can’t even see or find any registration board… , what’s wrong…


    i have pay to the person i was paired with since Tuesday but nobody has been paired with me since then. please help me out admin.

  17. onyenemeka vivian amarachi says:

    me can login in not be match since 31of december 2016 i want to know did i do anything worry my friend i registet

    me i can login in not be match since 31 of december 2016 wot is worry whtpp number not going everthing not going pls adim do something in god name pls pls

  18. Pls the administrators of this platform shud speedily work on d site, cos its been difficult to access for the past 2 days now…..

  19. chinazo Anijekwu says:

    Can’t register, been awake since 2am. Nothing is working

  20. james margaret says:

    I register and make payment, am trying to login, am told that my login is mis-match

  21. Olukoju Bukola says:

    I’m finding it difficult to register, please help

  22. andrew nsikan says:

    how long will it takes for the system to pair me with other persons that will donate to me affect i have donated.

  23. Chizy Rose says:

    Pls i can’t loggin,what should i do?

  24. anuka emma says:

    I’m having difficulty trying to login. Please, administrator should work on the server so I can make my payment

  25. Deborah j Felix says:

    Am finding it difficult to access my account can u help me with my password and e-mail address, thanks

  26. Deborah j Felix says:

    Privately send my email and password, to me please.

  27. Isaac majovo says:

    hope these is true as it wes explain.

  28. Isaac majovo says:

    pls sit so deficult to access work on the site, for easyacess. thank you

  29. ever since I have open my account I can’t login

  30. Plz i ave upgraded since on tuesday ..but ave not bin paired till now …and am still unable to login ..plz do something admin ..

  31. Please with due respect, in a situation where some persons are paired to pay you and you are paid by just one person want happens to the other? Secondly in a situation where your payment is been delayed and you try calling the number sent to you and you are been insulted, and toiled around what happens thanks.

  32. Ajah chinomso Joshua says:

    Please greenspeer am begging please since i made my level2 donation i have not been paired with anybody to donate to me please help name is Ajah chinomso Joshua. Thanks. Love greenspeer

  33. pls, help me out am finding difficult to login, since past four days nw

  34. Adaobiokoye says:

    Have made my donation Nd no has been matched to pay me. It’s up to two days now Pls help out

  35. Have made my donation Nd no has been matched to pay me. It’s up to two days now Pls help out my phone no is 08066139717

  36. Uzoechi Chiamaka says:

    Hi register today and was match no pay. I have paid and tried uploading my payment details but it is not going through. Tried doing it again I can’t even login. Please upgrade the site.

  37. i,m finding it difficult to login pls help me

  38. Babatunde Olayinka says:

    Pls admin, I have not been able to register. Try and help me out. Thanks

  39. hello admin. I am in level 2 and av made my donation now upto a week n am not match Wt those dat ll pay me. wat is really going on? secondly there’s trouble in login since tot they said they av worked on it. pls help us out. long live greenspeer

  40. bose imafidon says:

    αm fíndíng ít díffícult tσ rєgíѕtєr whч nαh

  41. Please have been trying to log in since five days now but could not and I expected to have been paired with persons that will pay me but am seriously finding it difficult to log in.,pls would like to know if the site is still functioning?

  42. I think I have to wait till all this issues are really solve because i a
    Brimging my team of over 250 members at once.. And I don’t want the situation I will be the one to blame thay l lure them to it.. I see it a good platform to help us all.. But it’s still about crowd funding ..we can’t take that from it.. The more people join the more we get paid..

  43. Ifeanyi kalu says:

    i have pay to the person i was paired with since Tuesday but nobody has been paired with me since then. please help me out admin.

  44. Queeneth Nwachukwu says:

    Since on 1st i ve been merge to gh.

  45. try to pay me its unfair

  46. someone hasn’t paid me and her time has elapsed and I still haven’t been rematched

  47. I registered not quite long, ever since I’ve been paired to pay, am still struggling to log in. I don’t see certainly in this whole thing especially viewing all these numerous complains of not been matched against the backdrop of system watchword of immediate matching. Long live mmm.

  48. I registered, but forgot my username, now I cannot move to stage two. I need help

  49. o pls chang this preson her name is onwugbufor sarah uloma , phone 08068733696, i call her but it was off since morning today till now her was off pls chang it for me so that i will go to leve 2 pls give me other person so that i will paid .

  50. Please I av upgraded to level 2 since going to two weeks now and have not be paired to receive donation,please kindly do something.

  51. ezeogu jennifer says:

    i cant register why now

  52. onyenemeka vivian amarachi says:

    thans long live greenspeer her number is going now thanks somuch

  53. I can’t login for a week now

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